Installing operating systems in Tallinn


Description of the services provided:
We start every repair with diagnostics.
In case of consent to the repair, the diagnostics are free.

Diagnostics for your PC or laptop consists of:

1. Primary diagnostics.
This type of computer performance assessment is performed at the customer's home. The initial diagnosis may be incomplete, due to the inability to use professional equipment, as in a workshop.

2. Hardware diagnostics.
The purpose of this step is to identify damaged parts of the computer or the presence of overheating - the reasons for the poor performance of the system. A worn-out hard drive very often interferes with comfortable work on a computer.

3. Software diagnostics.

The stability of the system is assessed. The operating system of the computer is carefully studied with an analysis of the causes of software failure.

4. Complete diagnostics.
Based on the results of each type of diagnostics, the service engineer issues his opinion. The client decides to proceed with the repair or not.


Having discovered a problem, the specialist chooses a way to solve it, then he coordinates with the client all the nuances and, in case of mutual consent, starts work.

  • Reinstalling the system may threaten the user with the loss of important data. We inform the client about such a situation and save important data for the client at his request.

  • It may take an hour or several hours for the software to recover. Depends on the situation.

  • At the end of the repair, the specialist re-checks everything to make sure everything is fine!

TThis is how the stages of computer software repair look like.



Software cleaning procedures for computers and laptops:

  • Checking the operating system and drives for viruses and errors.

  • Removing viruses, system errors, cleaning the registry from unnecessary entries, removing junk and temporary files.

  • Installing and configuring anti-virus protection, updating or installing missing drivers.

  • Final testing of the operating system.

100% destruction of viruses is when, when viruses are detected, the data is saved to an external drive, the disk is formatted and the operating system is reinstalled.

Saving data up to 50 gigabytes is free, more than 50 gigabytes from 5 to 10 euros, depending on the volume. Reinstallation of the operating system 20 euros.

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