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IT services from ARVUTIABI

We provide the following services:

☑ Repair of computers and laptops of any complexity, from preventive cleaning with
replacement of thermal paste, to repair of failed motherboards.

☑ Installation of operating systems Windows XP, Linux, macOs.

☑ Remove viruses and restore the health of your computer or laptop after various failures
or failed system updates.

☑ Configure wi-fi routers (STV, TELIA, ELISA, INFONET...), debugging, and protection of local networks.

☑ Change the language of operating systems (Russification and other additional languages)


☑ Installation of professional programs.


☑ Recover deleted information from hard drives or flash drives.


☑ Repair tablets and mobile phones, firmware android, ios, windows phone via usb.


☑ Assembling a new, upgrading an existing computer or laptop (increasing memory,
replacing the disk from hdd to ssd, soldering video cards and replacing processors on laptops,
if they malfunction).



The work is carried out quickly, efficiently and inexpensively!
Experience in this service sector for more than 20 years.

All types of work performed are guaranteed + remote service.
Possible departure within Tallinn!

Nothing is impossible, any problem can be solved-call!
Consultation by phone is free of charge.

✆ Теl: 56-911-777
Vilisuu 13, 13626 Tallinn

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