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Top 5 mistakes when choosing a computer or laptop

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

This article lists five common mistakes buyers make when choosing computer hardware: 1. A brand new gaming computer with glowing coolers for 400-500 euros - I'll take it! The biggest mistake you can make is buying a computer from message boards. Or in semi-basement shops, which are like mushrooms after rain, now open here and there. Typically, these brand new computers are no longer brand new after you look under the hood. Such computers often have processors of not the latest generation, with video cards tortured by mining, and at best they have a new SDD disk on their board. As a rule, such computers fail after a very short time. And then it is very difficult to prove anything to the seller, who immediately shifts all responsibility onto our shoulders. Improper operation, etc., etc. The advice is very simple to avoid this situation - buy computer equipment in reputable stores, or at least do not be lazy to check prices for similar devices in other stores. Remember these golden rules: free cheese in a mousetrap, and the greedy pays twice. Study the components and their approximate prices carefully. Pay attention to the generation and frequency of the installed Core-i5 or Core-i7 processor, as performance is very dependent on this.

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2. The sales assistant is the head! He will help - he will prompt! Yes, sellers help us choose certain products or services. But do not forget that the sales consultant is interested in the fact that if we do not buy half of his assortment in the store, we will definitely buy the item at a higher price and make the owner of the store rich. The salary of the seller of the consultant or remuneration in the form of various bonuses and incentives depends on this. For example, I very often met incompetent sales consultants and you shouldn't rely on their opinion as the opinion of a super expert. A sales consultant can tell us where to find a particular product, can tell us prices and discounts, but when choosing equipment for our computer or future laptop, we must choose ourselves and preferably in advance.

Объявление покупателям

The inscription on the picture - The store urgently needs buyers! (Gender and age do not matter)

3. The more powerful the better!

Sometimes, thank God, it is rare, but I have come across such a phenomenon when some clients, when consulting with me which computer is better to buy, believe that the more powerful the computer they take, the better and they are partially right, but when buying a computer with an NVIDIA video card from 30 series and a Core-i7 11700kf processor with 32 gigabytes of RAM at 3800 MHz, even now, when prices for video cards have skyrocketed and hid somewhere behind the clouds to read such mail, use the Internet and just watch videos on YouTube - not entirely adequate. Such people are guided by the rule - my neighbor took a powerful computer, and then I will take an even more powerful one! Or they are the type of people who want the most powerful. A car is like a lunar rover, a computer is like a tornado. When choosing a computer or laptop, you need to be guided by common sense, the purpose of buying it and how it will be used in the future. Taking into account the progress, you can take the technique a little more powerful, so that with a margin for the future, but within reasonable limits.


4. A little used second-hand laptop or a second-hand computer - but cheap and cheerful! Little used, second hand laptop ?! - But how can this be understood at all? Lied for 10 years as a decoration? Where did it all come from? It reminds me of the very used cars that were imported in packs from Lithuania in the 90s and sold like pies in our car market. The so-called little used cars, from under the grandfather or from under the grandmother. Which almost did not go and all the time stood in cozy Bavarian garages, covered with warm blankets and rugs. Don't rely on this technique. Used and used. Little used or much used - no one will ever check this. And, as a rule, the sellers themselves are not sure of such a technique, so the maximum that the seller can give is a six-month warranty. Paying 200-300 euros for a laptop that will go to the holy transistor tomorrow is such an event. Again, in most cases, if such a laptop fails, the seller, at best, will issue a similar device for replacement, at worst - poor operation, we are again to blame, etc. etc. When buying such devices, you should take into account all these nuances and be prepared for the fact that such a technique may no longer turn on with you at any time.

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5. I'll take AplBuk or AplMak - they are the best! Of course, there are computer companies that make very stylish and somewhat reliable devices. But I would not single them out as the best. There are many pitfalls in such devices. When purchasing such a computer or laptop, it should be borne in mind that not all software will work on it. That you will have to switch to similar programs that are certainly available. I will say more, there is also its own original software, which is even better than competitors in some areas. However, when you buy such a device, you also have problems with updating the same software in case of a breakdown - repairing such a device is much more expensive, and not everywhere can provide you with it. And the most important thing, in my opinion, is the artificially high price for such equipment. Analogs from other companies are much cheaper. But if you are an esthete, then this technique is for you. However, this does not mean that these are the best computers or laptops on the computer market.


Before choosing components for your future computer or deciding on a future laptop model, you need to clearly understand the goals and objectives for which you really need this or that device.

We help clients navigate in the selection of components or the selection of the appropriate laptop model, so that the client can get exactly the computer that he needs without overpaying. Contact us and we will be happy to help you! © Arvutiabi - Esoft #топ5 #arvutiabi #esoft #pc #notebook

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