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Our song is great! - Start over again... Bitcoin is getting more expensive - video cards are getting

In China, a local distributor was caught creating an artificial deficit to increase the price of video cards After Bitcoin solidified around the $30,000 mark, graphics card prices plummeted. Along with Bitcoin, Ethereum also fell, for the extraction of which miners use 3D maps. But today, the cost of Bitcoin and Ethereum has skyrocketed. Presumably, this is due to Amazon's announcement that it will start accepting the world's main cryptocurrency as a means of payment by the end of this year. This was followed by the disappearance of video cards from sale.

One Chinese source, citing a local computer assembler, said that the assembler claims that video cards have instantly disappeared from the price list of its distributor. Naturally, no one could instantly buy up all the video cards, most likely, this very distributor, against the backdrop of a jump in the cost of Bitcoin and Ethereum, decided to earn extra money and create an artificial shortage, which in the end will serve as an impetus for prices up for these products. A bad example is contagious, if one company has acted in such a way, then it is to be expected that others will follow its example. The sellers' appetite for making money on cryptocurrency races has remained the same. And with the further growth of the cryptocurrency, most likely, video cards will also begin to rise in price. #ARVUTIABI #ESOFT #IT © ARVUTIABI-ESOFT

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