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Facebook is preparing us in 5 years an alternative to our real world.

The Facebook founder announced that it would take about five years to build Facebook's “metaverse”. In the above-mentioned "metaverse", users will be able to feel the presence of other people in the digital space.

At the moment, Facebook is forming a team of professional developers to create a "metaverse". It should become an integral part of Facebook Reality Labs, which specializes in creating virtual reality. In the "metaverse" we will be able to sense the physical presence of other people across digital spaces. At the moment, with the help of "Portal and Oculus" we are able to teleport to a separate space, regardless of the real distance of users. The metaverse development team will be led by Instagram Product Manager Vishal Shah.

Last week, the head of Facebook told The Verge that Facebook will soon be moving from what is considered a social networking company to a metaverse. This project will work on virtual reality headsets, as well as on mobile devices and game consoles. It is planned that in about 5 years, the new project will see the light of day.

Sergei Lukyanenko, in his novels such as Labyrinth of Reflections and False Mirrors, described a similar virtual universe called Depth. Where you could live a full life. Building a career, working, having relationships, doing all the same things that we do in real life. Where, having died virtually, the physical body also perished.

The "metauniverse" are virtual worlds that allow you to create space, communicate and participate in the management of the economy of this world. Work and live a full virtual life. As an alternative to reality. The "metaverse" concept is closely related to virtual and augmented reality technologies, which are also currently being developed by Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft.


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