Description of the services provided:
We start every repair with diagnostics. If the customer agrees to the repair, then the diagnostics are free.

If you decide to reinstall the Windows operating system, then you should make a backup copy of all important data for you, usually located on the «C» drive. The easiest way is to copy them to another partition on the disk (for example, to the «D» drive) if you have one. You can also copy data to an external drive, USB flash drive, or save it to cloud storage on the Internet. When placing an order for reinstalling the operating system with us, we save to an external drive and then return to the new system up to 50 gigabytes absolutely free of charge, and over 50 gigabytes at a negotiated price, but not more than 20 euros per 1 terabyte. Our specialists can save data from a non-working operating system.


Recover deleted, formatted or lost data on PCs, laptops and removable drives.

The data recovery process is as follows:

Loss of data is usually accompanied by mechanical damage to the media, logical (non-mechanical) damage to files, or both. Because the scenario of disk failure differs from case to case, data recovery companies cannot offer flat rates. However, we provide a free survey of the carrier with the determination of the cost of the work.

Our engineers need to carry out several laboratory tests in order to develop a suitable plan for each case of hdd data recovery and provide you with their quotations and approximate lead times based on them. ARVUTIABI - ESOFT provides comprehensive secure media diagnostics, and our customers have the right to opt out of subsequent media data recovery after receiving a survey report.

Factors affecting the cost and timing of work:

  • the degree of mechanical damage to the data carrier;

  • the operating system under which the disk runs, as well as its file system;

  • media type;

  • the degree of data corruption or overwriting;




Disk cloning without reinstalling the operating system and without losing data.

Hard disk cloning is a low-level sector-by-sector transfer of data from one medium to another. In this case, the clone disk will be an exact copy of the original disk.

The cost of cloning an operating system with data up to 100 gigabytes is 30 euros. From 100 gigabytes and more by agreement, but not more than 50 euros per 1 terabyte.

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