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Description of the services provided
We start every repair with diagnostics. If the customer agrees to the repair, then the diagnostics are free.

It is extremely important to protect any computer equipment from viruses: malware that can delete user data, block access to programs and applications, open access to the user's financial information. New viruses appear every day, and therefore no computer is 100% protected from virtual threats. The masters of our service in Tallinn are ready to perform anti-virus scanning of a PC, laptop and removal of viruses for your computer equipment.

 Cyber ​​security

Virus removal on the same day

The danger of viruses is not only that new types of threats appear every day, but also the user should take into account the fact that not all viruses immediately reveal their presence in the system. Most of them behave stealthily and gradually collect confidential information about the owner of the PC and send it to their developers. That is why it is so important to carry out regular checks of equipment and professional removal of viruses. This service is offered to our clients by our computer service. The wizard will go to your home or office and perform all the necessary operations to quickly remove viruses on the day of contact. Some users are convinced that an antivirus installed on a computer is capable of detecting viruses in a timely manner and quickly removing them. This is not the case, especially if an unlicensed antivirus downloaded from the Internet is installed on the computer or laptop. Moreover, in order to detect modern viruses, one should use not only antivirus software, but also special software that helps to quickly detect threats and carry out high-quality virus removal. Such software is at the disposal of our service engineers, entrusting us with cleaning your computer from malware, you can rest assured that the removal of viruses will be performed at an impeccable level of quality and as quickly as possible! It is very easy to order a virus removal service in our service: just dial our contact phone number or use the feedback form on the website. We work in all districts of Tallinn, the engineer will come to your address immediately after receiving the application or at any time convenient for you!


 Data protection

Removal of viruses in Tallinn with a visit to your home

To work safely on the Internet, you need not only to install effective anti-virus software on your computer and laptop, but also to regularly search for and remove viruses. No computer is 100% protected from virtual threats! You should urgently call a wizard to remove viruses when such signs of a virus infection appear as: the computer starts to freeze, slow down for no apparent reason, programs spontaneously open, close, folders with files are lost or the contents of folders are modified, an advertising banner appears on the screen and it does not it turns out to be closed, the operating system stops loading, or it can only be started in safe mode. If you notice at least one of the listed "symptoms" on your computer, you must not stay idle! Call our computer service urgently and invite the virus removal wizard to your facility: we offer a visit to the customer's address, to your home or office. Using special programs, service engineers will promptly remove viruses and help completely restore the normal functioning of your computer equipment! We provide a guarantee for the removal of viruses, after the visit of our wizard, all your computer problems will remain in the past!

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